A University In China Just Held The Biggest Slumber Party Ever!

slumber party
Yes, these are all students sleeping together.

Slumber parties are like, the pot of gold for us students during school days. If someone hosts a slumber party, no one would even hesitate to join in. Think of it as an all-access pass towards something that no adults could interfere. It’s freedom in a can. A the funniest-fun time as a kid with responsibilities.

When going on a slumber party, you’d always play games together, talk about crushes, pick on someone and maybe tell some secrets and stuff that could irritate them, drink hot coco, or just be the worlds greatest besties within the night.

Usually, slumber parties can only accommodate few people. We know that the saying “the more, the merrier”, but your room is definitely not big enough to entertain a lot of kids.

However, a certain university in China made slumber party even more awesome by inviting their own students and sleep together inside a gigantic room (or should we say, the gymnasium).

If you want to have slumber parties like this one, then you should go to Central China Normal University.

Now, this university doesn’t hold slumber parties like this just because they like having fun with Cindy and Chloe (or even know who’s dating Tiffany). This is because the dorms were a bit hot (due to summer temperature). Of course, your students won’t be able to give you good grades if they can’t get a good night sleep.

slumber party
Good Sleep = Good Grades

This gigantic slumber party isn’t really new. The university holds this yearly so that their students could enjoy their sleep inside the fully-air conditioned gymnasium.

Imagine the things that you could do while having this slumber party? You could play spin the bottle with the whole class of 40 students! Maybe tell some secrets that could be easily heard by the people on the other side of your mattress! Now that’s what I call epic sleep-over!

Well, now that you mentioned it, how can you play spin the bottle with 40 students?

(cover photo image source: Washington Post)