You Can Never Be As Badass As This Kid Riding A Motorcycle

(source: VideoNews2)


Let’s make this clear, the world should be thankful for China because of these things.

  • Pandas – We can’t get enough of this black and white bears. Seriously, they’re the most racial-friendly creatures in the world. They’re black, white and Asian at the same time!
  • Fancy Martial Arts – What’s life without Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee? How can video game characters from Tekken and Street Fighter be able to showcase their moves without using martial arts inspired attacks?
  • Great Wall of China – Why Great Wall of China? Maybe because Wall of China didn’t sound catchy during those days.
  • Feng Shui – Thanks to this belief, I got a whole year amount of luck just by moving my vase to the right side of the room!

But those are not the only things from China that you’ll see for today. Because believe it or not, you’ll thank China for producing a certain toddler that can ride a motorcycle by himself.

Thanks for entertaining me today, China!

Whether you like it or not, the citizens of China are more badass than your country. Just look at how the kid in the video riding his grandfather’s motorcycle as if he was just playing with Dora and Diego?

Although it may look awesome, it still looks dangerous not only for the kid, but for the people on the road.

Look, the kid isn’t wearing any helmet. Second, his grandfather just sits there as if everything that was happening is normal. Third, what if the kid saw an ice cream truck along the way, will he suddenly break the motorcycle? Nevertheless, please ensure us that you really do know what you are doing, Grandpa from China!

So what’s the lesson for this video? Never let your kids drunk drive! Who knows how much alcohol content those grape juices have per bottle?!