This Fish Just Got Out of Water, And It Just Kept On Crawling On Dry Land!

(source: Storyful)


Dear Diary,

I was just walking on the street and minding my own business when suddenly, I heard something flopping. Yes, it was kinda odd, thinking that I’m in the middle of the street and yet, I can hear this flopping sound as if something wet is crawling right behind me. I looked back and I didn’t saw anything odd, except for a trail of water leading towards my feet. Yes, I did wonder if I left that trail. I am SURE that my shoes were both DRY before going outside. So what the eff? I scratched my head, confused and awed, and continued my way to my school. But what the heck? I do hear the flopping sound again. And this time, I felt something at my shoe. It squirmed furiously. And since it was at my feet at that time, I could feel “it” breathe. I am sure that the “it” was on my feet now. So I took a peek, then I saw a FISH. LOL! Just when I thought it was something else!

                The End!

Soon, this could be a normal thing in Australia soon!

Say hello to Anabas testudineus (or for a creepy and more non-scientific term, the Climbing Perch). And as you can see, it can “climb” by crawling its way towards land.

You know, we were taught that fishes stay on waters and that they die once they are on land for a few minutes. However, this badass fish can stay up to SIX EPIC DAYS on land, thanks to its second lungs! With this, scientist believed that it could pose a threat to other ecosystem.

And so, another day has passed knowing that Mother Nature wants to troll us with walking fishes. Seriously, this is what we get when we pollute the earth.