Forget Paintballs Or Laser Tags! Competitive Archery Is Now A Trend!

(source: Archery Attack)


Some of us love the thrill of shooting each other with safe weapons that are not really lethal. For sure, you already heard of laser tags, Nerf guns, water guns and even paintball guns. And the fun part about this one is that you can fire and maybe stud your friends with bullets that will never harm them. It’s like you can actually harm them without even hurting them (which uhm, somehow makes no sense to some.)

But of course, guns are really too mainstream. And to be honest, a lot of us have this inner hipster inside, so no harm!

So if that’s the case, then what are we going to do about this? How are we going to have that same feeling of amusement by causing long-ranged damage to your friends? I mean, you don’t really want to settle for a melee fight, right?

Well, a person thought that the fun shouldn’t stop (and so does being a hipster), so he/she decided to put gun fights in a most hipster-ish way. Say hello to archery!

Yep, you don’t really need to spend tons of money for those bullets that you can’t reuse. Like seriously, why waste money if you can really reuse it like a boss?

So instead of those rugged gun fights, you’ll be playing with bows and arrows! Now, you can show the world that you’re better than Green Arrow, Hawk Eye, Legolas and even Cupid!

The objective of the game is to shoot those dice like cubes and to remove 5 of these plugs by… shooting arrows of course!

But unlike those gun games, you’ll be using harmless marshmallow-tipped arrows. The only difference is that this marshmallow is pretty hard!

So yes, enjoy your summer by not swimming in the pool, not running around with a gun that’s loaded with disposable bullet, but by shooting a marshmallow-tipped arrow!