This Dog Clearly Doesn’t Want His Owner To Be Hurt, So He Does This.

(source: arlieth)


Dogs are one of the most lovable creatures in the planet. When you show your love to them, they’ll love you back without any hesitation. It’s one of the animals that could love you back without questioning your existence or your use to them (unlike those cat jerks that will love you just because of Whiskas Chicken Dinner In Gravy that costs more than your food).

One of the main reasons that I have a dog in our house is because they love me to the bones. They can feel if I’m sad or frustrated. And when they realized that I’m not in the mood, they’ll scurry over me and lick my face or my fingers.. Aww-gasm!

Another reason that I love my dog is that they don’t like it when I’m hurt. They would usually whimper whenever I cry. It’s like they knew me very well (unlike skanky cats that don’t even give a crap about your existence).

You don’t believe me? Then you better watch this adorable corgi and his owners “hurting” each other.

As the girl hits the guy with her hand, the corgi whimpers dramatically like it was saying Stop, human! You are hurting my Master! Are you freaking crazy!

Yes, she keeps on hitting him, now with a harder force. And then the dog just went on another sad sigh saying Human! Stop! I’m gonna bite your hand if you won’t stop. And he just bit her.

At this moment, you may now realize that this may be a cute video to us humans, it’s a traumatizing experience for the corgi. It’s tough to be a dog, huh?

So in the end, we learned that dogs are passionate creatures that will definitely cry when you are hurt. They will feel sad whenever you are hurt, and will not ask for another can of Whiskas before they allow you to play with them.

Dog = 1 Cat = 0