WTF! This Owner Caught His Cat Barking, But When The Cat Saw The Camera…WHAT?!


(source: noobdaily)


Have you heard the song “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”? Have you heard of it explaining each and every animal sounds that you could ever think of? If you do already know the song, then you must know that dogs go woof while cat goes meow, right? That’s clearly logical because dogs bark and cats meow.

Of course, Mother Nature really loves screwing things up. I mean, we’ve tackled various videos from the Internet and clearly, Mother Nature likes tripping and fooling us humans. So this time, she did something that will boggle for eternity while keeping domestication of pets available to us.

So for today, Mother Nature blessed our planet with a very peculiar cat. But since Mother Nature loves trolling, this cat is not just your ordinary feline friend. No, she doesn’t have any excess legs. No, she doesn’t have any excess heads.

All she got is some freaky ability to bark. Like seriously, she can bark like a dog going for a bone while chasing a mailman.

One word, Mother Nature… Why?!

So the story here is that the owner of the cat was hearing a very weird noise. So he started recording the sound. But when he got out to the garage, he saw his lonely cat barking furiously on to something outside.

But soon as the cat realized that he was being recorded, she started meowing again.

Seriously, Mother Nature? Are you really fooling us with your barking cat?

Some commenters on this YouTube video thought that it was fake, saying that there was a barker behind the camera man. Although there are proofs that cats can actually bark (and chirp, too!)

So for those who wanted a pet that’s brave and aggressive like a dog but with a fur of a cat, then find this cat and maybe catnap it (or just record him barking again.)