You Won’t Really Believe What This Magpie Sounds Like!

(source: Live Leak)


Some birds are just darn good when it comes to mimicking words. It’s like when you have an argument with your girlfriend/boyfriend, your bird could easily copy your curse words or something. If you sing, your bird could imitate the words that you use when singing. What’s great is that they can do this word for word. Pretty amazing, right?

What’s more amazing here is that some birds can even copy exactly what they hear. A good example here is when some birds hear sirens of cops, they’ll sound exactly like one. When they hear you speak, they’ll exactly copy the way you speak. It’s like having a feathered recorder!

But just like what Uncle Ben said: With great ability comes with great WTF?!

Think of it this way. Imagine your sweet and adorable daughter cutely laughing her cheeks off from your corny joke. Now, what if the bird laughed just like her? Will that still be cute or down right creepy?


This little magpie just came to surprise a family. Of course, a bird that’s genius enough to get inside your windowsill is an enough excuse to welcome her, right?

Yes, she may be look cute to you. She got wonderful feathers and a beak. But when she opens her beak to make a sound, everything just went OK to OMG!

Believe it or not, this magpie sounded like a little girl. Seriously! She sounded like a laughing girl!

Let me just remind you for a little bit. The sound of girls laughing is definitely okay to me. But when that freaking sound came from a bird, now that’s way TOO creepy!

And worst, she can also say MAMA like a freak doll!

I do agree that magpies are cute and talented creatures. But please! Never allow it to copy those sounds that could make you awake at night!