If This Video Was Real, I’ll Definitely Cover My Ears Forever!

(source: BranitFX and Lucamax Pictures)


Admit it, we already presented you a dozen of videos that made you scream or drop your jaws.  My team and I might have seen almost all the most gruesome videos on various social media and video sharing sites (and when you’re job is to create stuff like these one, you threshold will improve). One particular video that spiked our attention is this certain video about guy showing his ear. But it’s not an ordinary video at all, so to speak.

Yes, the internet is full of shenanigans. But this video definitely took us by surprise.

Not all of us are a fan of spiders. As a matter of fact, a lot of us would immediately say NOPE NOPE NOPE whenever we see (or spot, or even have a simple glimpse) of a spider. But this certain video really took the crown as one of today’s creepiest vid.

So if you were to ask, do you think that the video is fake?

We asked some video experts and animal professionals (or maybe we just binge-searched the whole internet for facts) regarding this video. And we these are the things we came up with.

1. Spiders can fit in your ears

Believe it or not, there are spiders that can fit inside your tiny ears. As a matter of fact, there is a kind of spider that’s so little, you need a microscopic camera to take a picture with it. Say hello to Patu marplesi!

2. Although the timing of the video is kinda odd

But still, its seemed kinda odd knowing that the uploader have timed the spider’s appearance. Interesting!

3. But what the heck, it doesn’t really lead to anything

Seriously, I can’t really decide if it’s fake or not! And then I saw this one!

Yes, the video is indeed fake!

So I guess I could sleep without having the fear of my ear being filled with creepy crawlers huh.. . or I couldn’t -.-