I Never Thought That A Hedgehog’s Cry Sounds Like This One!

(source: shalicat)


Just like us going to the doctors, animals feel the same fear and threat whenever they visit a vet. They shiver in fear if they could sense that big old vet reaching his stethoscope and pushing it towards their cuddly body. We believe that no animal wants to visit their vet.

Unlike animals, we could clearly show our emotion whenever we feel something terrible inside the clinic. We cry, throw tantrums, maybe cry some more, demand for freedom, maybe cry again, beg to be saved whenever we feel like we have that horrible sickness, and last but not the least, to cry again.

Even though we’re more “vocal” when it comes to these things, some animals can also show their emotions. They show pitiful faces and cry like a baby if they felt that they’ll undergo something.

Just look at this hedgehog. Yes, he’s your ordinary hedgehog who’s gone to another checkup inside your typical vet. But wait till you hear it screams!

Well, I wasn’t really able to make the most out of its face (since hedgehog are always full of spikes), but I do find this kinda cute. I mean, you don’t really hear hedgehogs that much, right?

According to some commenters, this is pretty normal to animals who visit the vet. Like us, they can sense danger and fear. They also see vets as a very unfamiliar place, causing them to cry and wail like a baby.

Now, we hired another “animal whisperer” and asked him what those wails mean. We asked if he could translate those cries (which he did) and gave this rough translations.

I’m a hedgehog!”

“Fear my quills!”

“NO DOC! You gotta fear my quills!”

“Seriously doc, give me to my owners hands! No need to check me!”

“Marta! Why are you doing this to me?! Let’s go home already!”

Are these translations true? We may never know. Only the hedgehog knows what he’s crying about.

Peace out, Sonic!