Watch These Babies Make The Most Adorable Poopy Faces In This Wipe Ad

(source: LLLLITL)


If you’re currently eating right now, please stop and ignore your food for a minute. This article might hinder you from eating cause it’s all about cute babies!

Ehrm, anyway… Taking a dump is considered as one of the most satisfying feeling in the whole world. Like when you sit on that throne and ignore everything that is happening outside your comfort zone, and there’s nothing else between your bowel movement and the splashing of water saying that you’ve done a great job. Aah, it’s just as fantastic as Will Smith!

Anyway, pooping is one of the things that most babies are very good at. They can poop for how many times a day (and still be able to run and jump like nothing happened). What’s more cute about popping babies is that they make the silliest faces when doing it.

How silly those are? Well, you need to watch the video to find out.

Everyone might find it adorable when these babies squeeze their faces and release a tiny sigh as they let the dirty doods flush away from their bodies. Their eyes squinting, lips curling,  hands waving, these are all the signes that a baby is pooping.

Yes, it’s a rare thing to see. This is why a certain wipes brand thought of a way to feature these faces and use them on YouTube?

The result? One adorable way to promote your brand’s wipes.

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t help but watch these faces do the funniest reaction in dumping that doody. Just look at them and you’ll realize that you’re missing a lot of your life.

So the next time you think your baby needs to take the dump, grab the nearest camera from you and record everything (well, not the poop of course) and enjoy the moment as you enjoy watching a baby dump! So embarrassing.