This Famous YouTube Hamster Has Done It Again… This Time, He Became A Monster

(source: HelloDenizen)

Hamster owners, be warned! Never ever let your hamsters roam around isolated home-made parks with giant canister of “Evil Green Ooze” leaking on the grass.  Because if you let this happen, your hamster may turn into a cute, enormous monster!

Well, not actually enormous, but we are certain that your hamster will be adorable! YouTube uploader Hello Denizen proved that monsters costumes and tiny hamster fit together. We knew you already liked watching how this YouTuber’s hamster made its way into stardom with his act of eating tiny burritos, tiny thanksgiving meals, going on tiny dates, having tiny tiki parties, and now, eating tiny trees with his cute little paws.

Isn’t he cute?

If you won’t feel that “aww” feeling while watching this video, all I can say is that you have no meaning in life. Naww, just joking! Just appreciate the little guy!

Just look at him eat those veggie trees like there’s no tomorrow! Wouldn’t you agree that it’s quite terrifying when he ate those pasta noodles on the railway without hesitation? And just look at how he swooped those flying helicopters! If I was in that helicopter, I would be begging for my life!

For those of you who thought that the objects that the cute hamster ate are were not safe, have no fear. All of these props that were used for the shooting were actually part of the hamster’s diet. Yes, even the train was completely safe to eat.

Hamster with Power Ranger
If this happened in ‘real’ life

Hamsters have an enormous range of food to eat. Though we have no idea as to what the evil green ooze is made of (though we are sure that it’s not really evil), we can definitely ensure you that the rest of the props were hamster tummy-friendly. From the trees (that were obviously green leafy veggies), to the buildings (perhaps crackers or something), to the train (which were yummy cooked pasta), to the flying helicopters (which we assumed were fruits), the hamster has its fun in town. If they just fed him more, he could’ve gained the ability to fire lasers from his eyes! (lol)

Laser Hamster
Imma Fire The Laser!

Now remember, if you’re planning to give your hamster the same thing (with edible props and all), you must be very careful with your choice of ingredients. Not all kinds of fruits and veggies are good for your cute hamster. Food items like leeks, chives, raw potatoes, eggplant, pickles, processed food, garlic, jams and other kinds of seeds are just samples of food that these creatures shouldn’t eat.

Keep your friends close and your hamsters closer! Keep them healthy by feeding them the right food. Don’t let them squander around like this cute furry pal, or else, they’ll turn into an adorable killing machine that could eat our town without looking devastating. Aww!

please hasmter
Won’t you let it?

(cover photo image source: koreus)