So What Made This Cute and Adorable Kid Cry Inside The Car?

(source: tlupher3)


Have you seen a movie that’s so moving, you’ll just suddenly cry?  It’s just like seeing The Lion King when King Mufasa died from the stampede? You just can’t hold the feels and feel like a grown-up adult, right?

Sometimes, when we feel this feeling, we look silly and gross. Our tears fell off from our red, baggy eyes as we sniff with our mucus-filled nose. And when you want to wipe it off, you’re gonna grab your seatmate’s sleeve and blow it off like an adult. Yes, that is how you make dem feels!

Now, what if you take a trip back time and see yourself cry? Like maybe when you’re riding a car with your father and he turned on the TV and play The Chipmunks Adventure? And when the scene about the lost baby penguins shows on that screen, you just can’t keep your feelings to yourself.

Now, let’s make that into a reality! Maybe watch this video and feel your manliness expire. Hold your tissues everyone!

This adorable girl named Raegan was filmed by her dad by watching The Chipmunks Adventure. Her dad saw that she became very emotional  at the moment so he decided to get even a glimpse of her reactions. And after recording it, OMG! I just can’t hide the feels on this one! I am so emotional right now that even my facial hair is crying!

Just look at Raegan as the baby penguin flashes back, remembering her sweet Mama Penguin. Then look at Raegan’s reaction, tearing up, holding it, and crumpling her lips like a paper. OMG! Please pass the tissue already!

And guess what?! When the lost baby penguin reconciled with his Mama penguin, Raegan didn’t hold on to her tears. She just, cried!

Thank you, Raegan, for showing us that it’s okay to cry on movies! And thank you for proving that cartoon movies for kids can still touch today’s generation!