This Dog Totally Owned The Studio, Reporting While Wearing A Cute Costume!

(source: SEVEN BANK)


Shiba Inus are one of the cutest breed of dogs in the whole wide universe (assuming that the other universe’s dogs don’t look cute). I mean, who couldn’t resist hugging those furry little dogs while prancing on your bed, on your lap, on your table, on your back (?), or even on your, uhm, head? Wherever they go, they still look cute!

This popular breed of dog is still hot in the eyes of the majority in the Internet. Because of their adorableness, various people dress them up, put them on awkward places, or even made a meme out of them (note: Doge!). Just tell us, what couldn’t these dogs do to wow us?

Well, maybe if they were dressed as a news reporter and put them in front of a camera, maybe they won’t be cute anymore.

But we knew better. They’re still pretty darn cute!

A bank from Japan named SEVEN BANK thought of a way to attract new clients. What could be the best way to do it? By putting a Shinu Iba in front of the camera while reporting! Awww!

Uhm, well, it didn’t actually report that much. It just spent its time sleeping and doing some cute Shiba Inu stuff while the camera was rolling. But still, this doesn’t remove the fact that they’re soooo adorable!

Come to think of it, if Anderson Cooper was a Shiba Inu, then he would look like this! Right?

So by the end of the day, the Internet has failed to come up with a way to stop a Shiba Inu in spreading its adorableness to the world that we live in.

The heck, we don’t care! Now go get that Shiba Inu and let us hug it! Or maybe put a spell on any possible news reporter out there and make them into Shiba Inus!