Watch This Adorable Taekwondo Champ Show His Moves In His Cute Little Way!

(source: ChildrenVids)


Taekwondo is the kind of sport that could make anyone looks badass. It’s something that could make a short and awkward guy be the very next Hwoarang. It can make defenseless girls badass like Kill Bill (except with the killing part.) It can almost make anyone look like freaking *Bruce Lee!

Note:  Yeah, we know that Bruce Lee is a Karate kind of guy, but we don’t really need to argue the difference of both things.

Remember those black belters that could cripple a bad guy within seconds? Those black belts were not really given immediately. They worked hard for those belts. And you can’t really have it that fast. Sometimes, you got to start earning belts at an early young age before you could eventually earn a black belt.

So, if you’re planning on getting that black belt as fast as you can, you must start as young as maybe 3 or 4? Well, the parents of this kid in the video thought of that. And this is what their son look like now while earning his first belt!

Admit it, that was just plain adorable. Like seriously, no one would never feel warm and fuzzy after watching that clip. But if you didn’t feel anything at all, then it only means that you’ve sold your soul to someone else.

Just look at the kid and watch him break the board.


If that kid ever screamed that in front of me while he’s on a fighting stance, I’d definitely run… TOWARDS him and give him a big hug!