Who Will Win On This Father-Daughter Beat Box Battle?

(source: Nicole Paris)


As a daughter, having great ties with my dad is pretty normal. We would usually do fun stuff like watching chick flicks together, maybe go inside a theme park and enjoy rides, have our hair fixed together, and some other stuff that your usual daughter enjoys doing.

Of course, I don’t really expect every girl to enjoy stuff that me and my dad enjoy. Some girls would go into pet houses with their dads, some wants the extreme and do stunts like swimming or snowboarding, while some just wants to relax on spas and pamper themselves with foot-massages.

But with Nicole Paris, nothing “beats” the best by beating your dad on a 1-on-1 beatboxing battle.

Unlike any other girls, Nicole Paris loves doing some sick beats with nothing more than her talent of beatboxing. Seriously, you really have to check her out!

Well, if you really want to check her skills and probably skip her dad’s sick beats (which is worth mentioning too), then go directly to 0:51 and 2:00 and thank us later!

If you visit her YouTube account, you’ll see some of her sick beatboxing vids. And believe it or not, she’s far way better than her dad. She’s just way too hip, cool and bopping!

So far many commenters were praising her prowess as. Some says that her dad should find someone else to battle since he can’t really match her skill. Some even suggests that she should make more money out of her beatboxing. Some even wished that Missy Elliot should watch this before anyone else!

It’s not that common for a woman to beatbox since beatboxing is most common among guys. But when females like us do it, we do it with style! We do it like we ain’t gonna beatbox tomorrow!

So for you, Nicole, keep representing us! You go girl and I hope people will recognize you as a true-blue beatboxing ballistic!