These Awesome Moments Dad Saving Their Kids On Time Will Make You Love Your Dad More!

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Dads are one of the most featured topics here on NewsTycoon because of the love that they give to their family. Without our dads, we won’t be present here right now (and most probably, you’re not existing if it wasn’t for your dad *wink wink) and reading this article right now. See, if it wasn’t your dad, you won’t be able to enjoy NewsTycoon!

Anyway, dads are pretty much awesome in everything. Treat them like they’re your superhero or something. They’ll be at your side when you need them. They can also save your life without you knowing it.

Believe it or not, dads have these weird but cool reflexes that we would like to call Dad-flex. It’s a thing that only dads have that acts up when their kids are in serious danger.

And when everything just explodes and you’re in the verge of death, dad-flexes will always be there saving your sorry arse. Just watch the video above and you’ll see how dad-flexes work when their kids are in a sh*tty situation.

Look, dads are just awesome when it comes to dad-flexes. I mean, if only we could convert all the rescuers into dads, then I guess no one will be in trouble. Just look at those catches and grips! It’s like they were already ready for everything!

So what could make these dad-flexes really plausible? Just when our dads did practiced these skills? Maybe..

  1. They practiced saving a can of beer falling from the sofa
  2. They learned to handle falling objects because they’re too clumsy with mom’s Chinese porcelain.
  3. They got this skill right after their first son/daughter was born. It’s like something that goes within your body once you pop out from your mom.

Yes, it’s still a mystery that everyone should know. But nevertheless, these dads were just too awesome!

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