There’s No Stopping Foo Fighters’s Dave Grohl In Performing Live, Even If It’s A Broken Leg!

dave grohl casting
Dave Grohl with a medic casting his leg

A true Rock Star will finish his/her show, no matter what happens on the inside and outside a stage.

Are you closing the show because of technical problems? That’s just for wimps! Diarrhea? True rock stars will just play along while dealing with their bowels! Headaches? That’s nothing! But should you stop rocking if you suddenly broke your leg while performing? Nah! You’re a pussy if you don’t deal with it!

This is what Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters has shown on their concert!

If you’re a real rocker, no broken bones can stop you from giving what the fans want!

During their performance of “Monkey Wrench”, Nirvana’s former drummer fell down from the edge of the stage and broke his right leg.

He immediately announced that he broke his leg and promised that he’ll comeback after fixing it. The band performed a few songs without the injured guitarist, people was kinda sad that their favorite guitarist suffered from a very bad fall.

But Grohl doesn’t want to disappoint his audience. So after a couple of songs, he let his medics carry him back on stage with a chair and continued with the performance. Like seriously, he sat on a chair and performed for the next 2 hours! Now that’s what we call showmanship!

dave grohl performing
Dave Grohl performed on a chair for 2 hours

From then on, they just played as if nothing happened. Grohl did have a five-minute break just to have his leg casted, but that’s just it! No complaining. No whining. Just doing his job as a badass rock star!

Before closing the show, he managed to stand up and proved that no bone, ligament or muscle could stop him from proving that he’s one of the most badass rockers in the world!

I guess Gothenburg, Sweden, had one of the best performances of Foo Fighters in the history or rock.

A lot of singers and performers may cancelled their performance because of unexpected reasons, but rockers like Dave Grohl will definitely give their fans the best experience of their lives, even if it costs him a leg!

(cover photo image source: buzzfeed)