Oh Deer! This Deer Just Can’t Get Enough Of His Newly Found Human Being

(source: Maegan Higgins)


Animals are kind of showy in nature when it comes to showing its affection to humans. Dogs would usually bark and run around its owner to show its eagerness. Cats purr and rub its head to show love. Birds may perch on some heads to show curiosity. Most of the time, animals that were already domesticated are seen doing such things. But this rare event has shown that even wild animals can love humans at first glance.

Take this deer as an example. A curious deer was recorded for showing its en-DEAR-ment towards a human being by rubbing its head to the boy’s body. At first, one might be alarmed that the deer can stab the boy with its hard antlers. But surprisingly, the deer just wants to spend his time with the boy.

It’s not that common to find an individual deer to be this close to a human being. Usually, deer and bucks are timid in nature and would immediately run once they saw someone coming for them.

Yes, this might be one of the sweetest of all endearments by Mother Nature. But just like everything else, it’s not all fun and games. Wait until you hear this news.

According to some reports, the deer on the video was shot dead by conservation officers because it became too ‘friendly’ towards humans.

It was said that tamed animals pose a threat to humans. Animal wildlife conservationists think that because the deer’s friendliness, they can cause the problem to our society.

It’s still a question as to why the deer rubbed its head on the little boy. Some say that it was marking the boy with its scent to mark him as his own territory. Others just think that it was just being friendly.

One thing is for sure. Without the deer, we won’t be able to figure out its true objective.

Is it right to kill it instead of putting it somewhere else? Oh deer! This is a problem that may not be solved until eternity.