This Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Prove That You Are Not Drunk

(source: N3TMASK)


I’m the kind of person that is very resistant to alcohol. I’m not sure why, but I always end up being the “normal” guy when me and my friends go out for a drink. Yes, they’ll be chugging down few glasses, but after maybe half an hour, they’ll start talking and do shitty things while I look like I just drank a drop.

Yes, I’m proud that I have a very long threshold when it comes to being drunk. At least I can assure myself that I won’t do any stupid things that, well, will make me look stupid. And as of now, I can guarantee that I’ve never done something inside bars or maybe during parties that only drunk people do.

But despite the fact that we tend to do stupid things while under that alcoholic state, some of us still drink a lot. We drink, and drink, and most probably drink more, even though that sooner or later, we will do something so funny that it’s worth posting on YouTube.

This guy right here is one of the best examples as to why shouldn’t anyone drink too much and also, the reason that you shouldn’t put a wall clack near your door entrance.

So you’re mom (or your sister, or maybe, your wife? Ugh, whatever!) was just waiting for you in front of your front door when she asked you if you’re drunk.

And since your decision-making ability is already slurred with vodka, you’ll make her believe that you are not drunk.

I’m not fucking drunk!

 And when your female housemate asked you to tell the time, your intoxicated logic tells you to tell the clock that you’re not drunk.

“(Hey clock,) I’m not drunk!”

Oh yep, you are drunk, indeed.

So the next time that your housemate asked your drunken stupor-self to tell the time … You answer this:

It’s time… for me to rest and drink less!”