This Artist Created A Copy Of Disneyland To Show The Realities Of Life In The Most Horrifying Way

(source: banskyfilm)


As a kid, I always wanted to visit Disneyland. I want to see Cinderella, Snow White, those 101 Dalmatians, those dwarves, some prince and princesses, and that huge ass castle where everything is just magical. You could almost feel your spirit fly as you travel across different places. Yes, that’s why I think it was named as the “happiest place on Earth”. Like seriously, what could get better than Disneyland?

But as I grew older, I soon realized that Disneyland wasn’t really a realistic place to be on. Sorry kids, but I think Disneyland is just a temporary place for fun and adventure. Once you stepped out of the castle, everything returns to normal. Just sad and misery.

To ready kids for this kind of realization, Bansky (the greatest yet most mysterious artist of all time) gathered several artists to create a theme park that’s completely different from Disneyland.

And look! You can’t just simply make a parody out of Disneyland if you won’t really copy the name of Disneyland. So kids, Mr. Bansky created this wonderful theme park will show you that really sucks, so suck it up!

Welcome to Dismaland! A place where you really want your kids to visit.

Unlike Disneyland, Dismaland  pushes dismal to each and every heart. Here, there are no mice that will overshadow your kid. You’ll only have remote control operated boats which contained immigrants, Grim Reaper spinning on a bumper car, Cinderella toppled from her magical carriage with paparazzi flashing her, dark balloons saying that your imbecile, and oh yes, NO FREAKING MOUSE!

There are a few rides that could be tried, but I guess you just want to stay out of them since they’re more enjoyable if you just look at them instead of actually trying them.

So if you want to have an enjoyable weekend while giving your kids trauma, then visit Dismaland!