Do You Know How to Create A DIY Breathing Apparatus?

(source: Rulof Maker)


How much does an oxygen tank cost these days? Usually, a unit of oxygen tank that are used for diving cost $100 on average. You can still fill it with air, but that would cost another $5 or so. Yep, that’s kina pricey if you just want to spend maybe 10-20 minutes underwater while witnessing how Nemo had some reconciliation with his dad.

Look, I know scuba diving is obviously a pricey hobby to take. But what if you’re a marine junky who just wanted to dive for a bit without spending your monthly income of $150 for a 10 minute dive, can you do something?

We know how much you love the waters, so we decided to give you something that could eventually save you tons of money.

Now, you won’t need that bulky oxygen tank. No more throwing away $5 for oxygen that you could just get for free. All you have to do is to have these things:

  • 2 nebulizer tubes that should be long
  • A plastic hose
  • 2 nail polish caps that can fit on the nebulizer
  • A plastic bottle cap
  • A snorkel
  • A shin guard
  • A non-toxic glue (because you don’t want to enjoy the waters as a “cold” body)
  • Some drilling material
  • Scissors

Just follow the instructions given, insert your creative juices and let your DIY spirit possess you, and you’ll have that DIY cheap (yes, now you can scuba dive an enjoy a Burger King meal) breathing device that you can flaunt to your friends.

So whenever you take that trip to the sea again and your buddies want to take some serious scuba diving to flaunt their improved ability to spend unwisely, just get your this bad boy out and dive as you think about that free Burger King meal!

Damn, I love free meals!