This Dog Tries To Stop His Owner From Hurting Herself Due to Asperger

(source: Danielle Jacobs)


Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. Usually, they’ll stick on your side no matter what happens to you. Whether you’re tired and sluggish, they’ll happily wag their tail and lick your hand to comfort you. If you’re sad, they’ll bring you things and items to show their gratification. These are the reasons why a lot of people love dogs really much.

But for people with Asperger, there’s another reason to like their dog that much.

YouTube user Danielle Jacobs had another meltdown, causing her to hurt himself with self-inflict punches and poundings. Usually, Asperger patients undergo such scenario that they need something to stop them from hurting themselves. But instead of having another human being to help him, she trained her dog to ‘alert’ her and stop her from doing such behavior.

According to the video, Jacobs trained her pet dog to calm her down whenever depressive episode happen to him.

In the video, you could see Samson (the dog) trying his best to calm his owner down by lifting his arms to pull her owner’s arms down. He also tried to rub his head on his owner’s hands to calm her down.

A lot of people may have heard of autism before, but their “panic attacks” are rarely seen by the public. This video can help people realize the struggles of people suffering from the said condition.

As of now, the video on YouTube already gained more than 2 million views and more than 1.5k comments. This just shows that more and more people are now aware of Asperger.

In the end, this video only proves that dogs and other animals can be emotionally attached to their owners. With this characteristic in hand, we can surely entrust our lives to our hairy pals without doubting their ability to support us in the future.