Watch This Cute Little Dog As It Escapes From Its Cute Little Prison

(source: AFV Animals)


Harry Houdini is one of the most famous escapist of all time. He was known to escape locks, chains, straitjacket or even some circumstances that will leave you clueless. He did all of these things and managed to escape without having troubles. A lot of escapists used him as an inspiration in doing this kind of stuff.

Of course, not all escapist can do the job properly. Sometimes, they fail to escape those obstacles without hurting themselves (or at least, by struggling.) Some just don’t have that kind of skill and luck to escape from the locks that compresses them.

Animals (on the other hand) are better in escaping. You may not know it, but some are smart enough  to break down their cages and free themselves from being oppressed. It’s not like it’s not great, it’s just that they really do know how to escape.

Well, I think that rule applies to all animals except for this peculiar dog.

Yes, he was smart enough to think that he could escape from that tiny little hole (cause we assume that he already knew he was a tiny little dog.) And you must give the dog some credit because he tried his best in pushing himself out from that small gate gap.

However, Mother Nature loves trolling dogs so much that she gave him false hope. She’s like saying:

Try and escape, you little smooch!”

But the dog got stuck from this nightmare (most probably because he got too many treats). And as he tried to pull himself out of there, his mate just sat there looking at him.  Pretending that he cares for the pooch.

“Are you okay, buddy?”

“I’m stuck here, Fergison! Now help me with this!”

*tumbles down, giving an escape route to his buddy*

“Sorry, mate! Gotta run!”

Well, that’s how a life of an escapist dog is.

Don’t worry little doggy, you’ll get your revenge to Fergison soon!

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