This Guy Was Just Talking On His Phone When These Musicians Surrounded Him, But Why?

(source: cench)


As a (frustrated) musician, I would like to let my people enjoy my music and see their smiles and nods as my music starts playing. I would definitely want them to just focus on my music and not do other things (because of course, they paid me to sing!) As a (frustrated) musician, I think it’s just kinda rude if you’re audience are not really listening to your music.

And take note, what if you’re in a band and you’re playing really good when a person suddenly ignored your music. I mean, he’s just there in the middle of the floor and listening to some song rather than listening to your creation.

So what could be the best action for these kinds of person? Well, you could actually talk to that person nicely. You could publicly shame him/her by saying some cursing words (but that could end up your career.) You could also swing your mic to his/her face and tell him/her to get a life. Or you could just play the instruments in front of him/her so the person in the other line could understand that he/she’s on a concert!

Just look at this guys, and you’ll get what we’re trying to say here.

So just imagine this, you’re in an open area concert and everyone else is enjoying their cup of tea and music when you used your phone. And because of that, those people who were playing their instruments got offended.

But instead of pushing force or publicly humiliating you with cursing words (which just like what we’ve said, could cost your career,) they played their instrument near the person who’s using the phone.

Come and hear our wrath as we play this beautiful music for your dismay!

Oh dear, I guess you shouldn’t really aggravate musicians, huh?

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