This Guy Pretends To Be A Driving Skeleton To Scare Drive Thru Food Servers!

(source: MagicofRahat)


When we’re cruising on our way to somewhere and we suddenly feel hungry, what’s the best way to fix it up? Drive-Thrus, right?

Grabbing yourself a nice meal to eat on a road is one of the smartest ways to travel. Not only did you solved your hunger problem, but you just saved time eating on some restaurant (and if you’re an introvert, you just saved yourself from dealing with a whole bunch of strangers).

Drive-thrus are also good when you just want to grab something late at night after being bored by your gaming consoles or your boyfriend’s sports game. You can just grab fries, some burgers and maybe one to two sundaes and get the heck out of there.

But what if you’re a skeleton who just wants to eat something? I mean, I know you have no brain to tell you that you’re hungry (or even a stomach to fill up). But just like everyone else, you got your rights too, right?

Well, a certain YouTuber named Rahat scared the heck out of everybody with his witty prank.

The catch? He was a driving skeleton and just went to various drive-thrus just to see the people’s reactions.

Some of them went full blow nuts after realizing that they just served a 206 pieces of bones ordering some chicken nuggets.

Others were just amazed that they wanted to IG the driving bone. Like seriously, what could be awesome than spending your whole busy night with a driving Skeletor?

As for me, I’d be very much surprised. Who the heck could expect a calcium-induced driver come to my window on a graveyard-shift? I’d pretty much shat myself on my pants if ever that happened to me.

Oh well, this only video shows how these food reps treat their customers.

Please don’t discriminate us just because we’re bones and nothing more than an invisible heart that loves chicken nuggets!