Never Ever Fly A Drone Above A Group Of Fishermen… Or Else They Will Do This!

(source: Tice Ledbetter)


Drones are like one of the trademarks of our technology in this age. We can now fly these machines and capture images, videos or maybe take super epic selfies that no one really cares about. Sometimes, drones are also used in delivering stuff such as boxes, clothes, food, marijuana (?) and other important stuff that can’t be delivered easily by foot.

Sometimes, drones are misunderstood because they’re too “sneaky” when it comes to privacy. People think that when there are drones around, that means it immediately stalks you. But little do some people know that drones are just for freaking landscape recording.

So why are people so paranoid with drones? Is it because they can carry weapons and cause mass destruction? Is it because they’re recording your actions?

Well, I’m not really sure about that. One thing that I’m sure about drones is that this fisherman doesn’t really like those flying chunks of metal around. So he thought of a way to actually stop these drones. And this is to snag it using his trusty weapon, a fishing rod.

According to some comments on the video, the fisherman was probably pissed after realizing that there is a drone flying around and “stalking” their fishing spot. So, he decided to do a little something to show who the boss is around.

After a quick grind, he threw his fishing rod and BOOM! He snagged the drone!

Luckily, the drone escaped the wrath of the angry fisherman.

Some commenters argued that nothing was illegal on this video since the drone was actually recording the whole beach side and not specifically the fishermen.

But for me, I guess starring my own drone show is kinda neat. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the center of attention in a video?

So the lesson for this story? Never, ever, ever, ever, let a fishing pole snag your flying chunk of metal!