What Happens When You Combine A Drunk Friend And A Broken Elevator? This Happens!

(source: FerrariNick)


What is the craziest thing that you’ve done when you’re drunk? Have you tried chugging down a whole keg of beer while dancing naked? Have you driven a car while wearing a monkey mask? Have you asked your SO for sex but failed because you vomited? Have you opened all your books and bookmarked those pages with the word “THE”? Well, if you’ve done these crazy guesses, then I guess you’re just freaking sick!

Drunk activities can also be those that doesn’t get you (or others) in trouble. Some will just sleep until sober breaks loose. Some will just watch TV and act like nothing happened. Some (like this guy that you are about to see) will just ride an escalator and wait for himself to reach the top.

And no matter how long the ride is, he will keep on waiting. He’ll wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…

And the legend says that until now, he’s still waiting.

We’re not really sure why he’s still doing this one. But it seems like this guy was really drenched in alcohol. Like he’s just standing there, waiting for his space to level the second floor.

If people asked you why the guy haven’t noticed that his part of the escalator wasn’t moving at all, then the answer will be the escalator on the other side. Maybe he was really drunk, his logical reasoning tells him that since the other escalator was moving, his was moving as well.

We tried talking to the people who already watched the video and asked them the most logical reason this drunken dude was riding the escalator. Here are their answers.

  • He wants to get high
  • He’s stepping up for himself
  • He thought that things escalated quickly
  • He needs to rise up from the rest of his drinking mates

So yep, I think that’s those puns are enough to end this rising story.

Thank you, drunken guy, for making this punny video funnier!