EXCLUSIVE! Video Showing Drunk Scottish Hotel Guest Getting Arrested For Throwing Tantrums and Things.

(source: perfectpattaya)


Kids, let this be the lesson why you should never, ever, ever ,ever ,ever, ever drink too much whiskey or something. Because once you went too much on your liquors and beers, you may look like a big flab of pudding that wears underwear that cries because it’s either too drunk or it suddenly realized that it needs a lot of compensating to do.

This week, a drunk Scottish man was found so intoxicated that it threw tantrums and destroyed almost anything that he could see inside his room. A video footage of him bashing in his room and his expected arrest was all caught on cam.

A hotel guest (who is still not named by the authorities) was so drunk, that he started saying rubbish words and threw stuff inside his room in the Philippines. Police arrived on the scene to find this gentleman almost naked except with his underwear.

Authorities saw 2 empty bottles of whiskey while checking his room (which most probably caused his intoxicated rampage.) But instead of an easy turn over, it became a struggle.

The hotel staff and the police squad had troubles containing the guy that it took them more than an hour to arrest him. They brought in some trolleys and other equipment since the drunk tourist was too large to move.

The event was caught by a former TV news cameraman named Ian Maclean, who thought of recording all the events since it was his former job. According to him, they heard banging and yelling when they went near the room. And surprisingly, they found this guy.

It took several people before the drunk hotel guest was taken to an ambulance because he was too large to fit on the police van. He was then taken to the hospital for inspection.

So yes kids, better hold on to that liquor till you know that you won’t do crazy stuff when drunk.