Netherlands Treat Their Shoplifters In The Funniest Way Possible!

(source: hippocampje)


I still don’t actually know why people shoplift. What’s the reason behind it? Why not just work things out a little instead of stealing that loaf of bread from that shelf? I mean, you could just ask someone for kindness and give you what you need instead of risking your face, just to snatch that can of peas.  Like seriously, I don’t really understand why you have to do this!

And look, another thing that I don’t understand is that stores allow this to happen. Yes, security is pretty tight, but people will not do this if they know from the start that they don’t have any chance of escaping the authority. And if ever they got caught, they will be released sooner or later and then steal something again.

So what the heck are we to do about this? Can’t we make a system that could really discourage shoplifters from stealing stuff?

A Dutch supermarket thought of a great way to deal with these pesky stealers. And what makes it more amusing is that they don’t need the help of policemen for this one.

So instead of grabbing the shoplifter by the shirt and call the police, they created an approach that will not cause panic to everybody. Then what are they going to do about it?

They set up a sign, some cake, a birthday hat and some bands that will give honor the 10,000 shoplifter on the mall.

Yes, the shoplifter will seriously receive a cake and a marching band because they shoplifted. Or for celebration sake, they’re the 10,000th shoplifter of the mall.

The mere fact that there were 10,000 shoplifters who tried shoplifting in the mall is definitely questionable. But if this was real, then count me in! I want some cake, too!

So for the shoplifting girl in the video, congratulations for your achievement!