This Professor Grew An Ear On His Arm, And The Reason Behind Is Unbelievable!

(source: PeriolaDTOWER)


Have you ever thought of having our body modified? Like maybe you want to have smaller chin so you won’t look like a mango. Or maybe, you want slice your tongue and have 2 separate tips like a snake? I know this sounds kinda off for you, but many people have plans doing this thing on their bodies.

I’ve seen many people who underwent surgeries and fixes just to change some of their body parts. One of them is the famous real life Barbie doll that paid thousands of dollars just to look like Barbie. Another famous person who modified his body was from the Philippines. He wished to be Superman so yes, he did undergo various operations just to look like Superman.

But let’s get down to some “less creepy” body modifications.

You may have heard of changing and tweaking body parts, but have you heard of adding a body part to another body part? Maybe putting an ear to your arm might not sound as bad as you think. Well, right? It’s not that creepy… Well, answer me!

Okay, you should probably meet Stelarc.

Yes, that is his name. And yes, he has an ear on his arm. And yes, it’s all real!

Stelarc is not your typical performer. He doesn’t juggle balls or do magic. He’s more of a morbid type of performer in which he lets his body do the trick.

He loves putting robotic body parts in his body and show people who our body is obsolete. And one of the best ways to show that your body is obsolete is to medically create a freaky ear on your arm. Now that’s what I call Science!

He plans on attaching a microphone that could let people “hear” what his arm hears. And as much as possible, he wants to make its availability 24/7.

Okay, I think we have enough weird stuff for today!

Thank you, Sterlac, for reminding us that we have to love our body even if we don’t have ears on our arms!