Start Your Egg-citing Day With This Adorable Baby Astonishing With An Egg-Laying Toy Hen!

(source: shkesi)


Babies are the kind of people who are easily surprised by everything. Because of the innocence, their understanding is quite limited. This is why whenever they see something out from the ordinary, they are either spooked, surprised or horrified with it. And that’s just adorably normal.

Do you remember the time when you saw something new and you were just astonished to see it? Like when you are just a tyke and it’s your first time seeing a sundae machine. Aren’t you perplexed with how that luscious cold cream pour out from that small nozzle up to your sweet wafer? OMG! That was just sick!

Well, babies are prone to that experience. This is why parents really want to surprise their babies. And this is also the reason why these parents bought an egg-laying toy to this sweet baby. Why? Because why not?!

Just look at this adorable kid surprised with their parents’ gift to him. Like seriously, a toy hen that lays eggs? That toy doesn’t even exist when we’re kids!

As you can see, the hen was supposed to be an ordinary music-producing, dance machine that wiggles its body and taps cutely with its feet. But I guess I (and definitely this baby) didn’t expect that this little chicky here knows how to freaking ley eggs!

And to note it, it’s not just 1 egg. They’re 3 freaking eggs!

Now, here are some questions that really bother me about this video.

  1. How many eggs can this toy hen can hold? Can it hold 10 eggs? A dozen? One hundred? OMG!
  2. Where does she store those eggs?
  3. Why did this baby’s parents bought her a toy hen? Isn’t there any more educational than this robot egg-slacker?
  4. Like seriously, a robot hen?
  5. No, seriously, a robot hen is the best gift that you could give to your baby?

So when you have to give a toy to a friend’s baby, don’t grab that robot hen. It’s just horrifying and embarrassing!