This Guy Found A Gigantic Egg On His Farm, And When He Cracked It Open… WOW!

(source: Elman511)



They’re good sources of protein. They’re perfect for those yummy French toast. They can make you full (one egg’s perfect for one serving). And the best part about it is that you can put eggs on almost everything! Like seriously, they’re the universal food!

What makes them more exciting is the fact that you need to open it first before getting that good sumptuous protein-enriched blessing. You are forced to do a little “work-out” before you could actually eat it. Every time you crack an egg, you are actually opening a little surprise gift. Isn’t that exciting?

Well, it is exciting, especially when the egg that you are about to crack is almost twice or maybe thrice the size of your common egg. It’s just like as if you got the biggest present! And with that size of egg, you’ll be curious, excited, and nervous at the same time. Just take a look at this video to find out!

According to the guy (who we presumed to be the owner of the egg), he found the gigantic egg when the chickens were out (grazing or something). It’s almost as big as a miniature baseball and could’ve weighed maybe twice compared to normal eggs.

Size difference: The Big Egg… Is Much Bigger! the guys said in the video.

And if a certain person just said those words even though they don’t really make sense at all, then that means it’s a big freaking egg you got there.

Just like everyone else, you’ll also wonder why that egg was freaking big. So he tried cracking it.

And guess what’s inside the big arse egg? A real live chick? A gold coin? Some weird mutated chicken fetus?

Oh wow! Another freaking egg!

So yep, that giant egg we got there was just holding another egg.

Now that’s what we call EGG-CEPTION 😀