Snooze Spammer? Wake Up With A Blast With This Hydraulic Ejector Bed!

(source: colinfurze)


So it’s another working day today and you just want to sleep badly. You’re really ready to hit that snooze button when you realized that you can’t. I mean, work is work, school is school, and you really need to wake the freaking up right now! So you don’t really have any choice but to drag your sorry arse out of the bed and do whatever morning routines that you need to do.

Admit it, you and almost 99% of the whole wide world know the struggle of getting off from your warm, cozy, heaven-sent bed. It’s like giving up on a relationship that’s just flourishing. It’s like you’re eating meat even though you’re a vegetarian. It’s like hell, only a bit worse.

So how can you fix this problem? Some people tried using alarm clocks that are complicated to shut. Some use their pets to distract them. Others would go even further from that.

Maybe a high-voltage hydraulic bed that pops you out from your bed could do the trick, right?

Well, this guy just created a working “I-gonna-push-you-cause-it’s-time-to-go-to-work” bed that throws you away when your alarm clock strikes. And if the irritating siren won’t really work for you, then forcefully throwing you out from your comfort zone will get you working.

Now, you don’t really have to drag yourself out of bed because the bed will do it for you! You don’t need those crappy alarm clocks because they can be snoozed. No need to remind your dog! Just let him do dog things in the morning as you carefully wait for your bed to start your morning badly.

And if you really want to save time, you could even put your pants on and let the bed slide you down for a perfect fit!

So the next time you struggle in the morning, activate this bed and say hello to the day ahead with a frown smile!