EXCLUSIVE! A Wild Elephant Attacked A Group Of Campers In Zimbabwe!

(source: knockbaun)


This elephant just gave another meaning to the phrase party crasher.

This week, a certain curious elephant that was just eating some pods on a nearby camp decided to crash their brunch. Maybe it wants another crash diet? Maybe it just wants to have a piece of their bread or something? But either way, it did tackle 2 civilians.

According to the original poster knockbaun, their team was just taking their usual brunch in Zimbabwe when an elephant came. It was eating the pods that were falling from the tree near them. Thinking that suddenly moving their ass off from their seats would aggravate the elephant, his team stood still.

As the elephant continuously munches the yummy pods, his team does not move a finger. Then without any signs whatsoever, the elephant started charging the guy in gray long sleeves. And then it charged the guy with the hat and glasses.

The poster clarified that none of them were feeding the elephant and no one was throwing pods towards the table (like as if someone really wanted to attract the elephant for a serious selfie.) The poster also added that they were not doing anything to agitate the elephant.

But according to some of the video’s commenters, the guy with the sleeves must have agitated the elephant the time he stared at it. This might be one of the causes of the elephant’s sudden rise of temper.

Luckily, all of them walked away from this tragedy without any serious injury.

In reality, elephants are really mild creatures. The least thing that you want to do to them is to turn their rage mode on.

So yes, I think the best way to handle elephants is to sit still and wait for it to go away.

The next time you go to Zimbabwe, get a freaking helmet and body armor. You seriously don’t want an elephant to hurt you  while taking brunch.