This Mathematician Created A Circular Billiard Table For The Most Unbelievable Reason!

(source: Numberphile)

Have you tried billiards before?

Billiards (or pool for some of you who likes a fancier term) is a game played with a very long stick, some balls and a big table with holes on its side. You play this by hitting the main white ball with the end of the stick and hit the balls until they all shoot on the holes. Simple enough, right?

But in reality, it’s not as easy it “looks” like. You need to have a lot of coordination and balance if you want to master pool. And with a rectangular table out there, I think it’s not that easy to shoot the ball exactly at the whole.

So if rectangular tables are a pain in the ass, then is there any way that we could make pool easy?

Well, a scientist thought of a way to make every shot counts. And if we mean by that one, we meant that every freaking shot that you make will surely make the ball go down on that awesome hole on the table. Awesome, right?

But there’s a bit of a problem here. The table is not rectangular. Believe it or not, this scientists (or should we say, this mathematician) created a circular table.


 This mathematician just created a simple circular table that, when the ball was placed on the said “focus point”, will give all angle shots successful.

Now, that could make anyone a pool specialist!

So now, you don’t really need to be that talented to shoot that freaking ball in the whole (because trust me, this game is just as frustrating as solving a Rubik’s Cube.) Just smile at the people around you, put the stick on the table, act like a pro and smile!

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