This Story of Two Patients And A Window Will Definitely Make Your Cry Badly

(source: drmezo4u)


You already knew that NewsTycoon is widely known as one of the best sites for awesome videos. We’ve been collecting hundreds of videos every day and only post those we thought could really move us emotionally. Usually, you can see that those videos that are maybe weird or amazing are the only ones who make it on our cut. But we do sometimes include emotional videos that could make anyone tear up.

For today, we’ll feature something again from the depths of YouTube that can seriously make you cry like a baby.  And we will bet our marbles that after watching this video, you’d grab the nearest cloth that you could find and rub it in your eyes.

Of course, not everyone has the soul and the heart to cry out. Some will force themselves not to cry while some are just too numb to feel these things.

So guys and girls, get ready to eat another tub of ice cream! Get ready to reflect again after watching this video. And don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you because this video will really affect you emotionally!

So here’s the story. There were 2 guys inside the hospital room. One was lying on his bed, just beside the only window in the room. The other was lying on the other side of the room. The latter guy had some bandages in his eyes.

Since the guy can’t see anything, he would always ask the other guy about the things that he could see on the window. Of course, the guy would happily narrate about another guy proposing to his girlfriend, etc. And it went on and on every day.

Apparently, the guy who tells everything what he says outside the window didn’t return the next day. The nurse said that he didn’t make it.

Curious about the view outside the window, the blind man asked the nurse to tell him what she saw outside the window. In his surprise, the nurse replied “It’s just a brick wall”

Then the blind guy realized that his friend was lying all alone just to make him feel better.

Sad, right? I told you that you’ll definitely need a hankie or something.