What This Crazy Emperor Did Will Leave You and Any Historians In Complete Awe!

Caligula with a majestic horse

We know that kings can do whatever they want and no one question them nor stop them from implementing it. From the age of forced taxes, imperial executions, guillotines and the like, the king can do anything at his will. And when someone goes against the kings wish, he/she will experience the fury of the royal leader. The king will not exempt anyone from his wrath, even the sea that can’t even feel a thing (because you know, it’s the sea!).

Emperors are known for their wit and knowledge, but Emperor Caligula made an impact that’s far beyond knowledge. He went too far that he asked his men to stab the sea. But before we go on to that ordeal, let’s know more about our smart guy!




Emperor Caligula, known as the emperor who stabbed the sea, and also known as Gaius Julius Caesar  Augustus Germanicus, ruled the roman empire for almost 4 years. When he was a little tyke, he always accompanied his father, Germanicus, on various campaigns.

Now, our little Caligula stood our from the rest because he always wore a miniature soldier’s uniform. He also wore boots and military armor which made him look like a real soldier. With this, he earned his nickname Caligula (which means little soldier’s boot).

Everyone was very amused of Gaius Julius Caesar that everyone immediately loved him for being the “good guy” of the kingdom (after having a shimmy leader), and it turned out that he was definitely changing the system. But as it went way too good to be true, everything went somehow awry and weird.


Horse headed man
Horse headed man


A lot of historians believed that Emperor Caligula was insane. There were also studies that lead into thinking that Caligula assigned his pet horse, Icatacus, as a consul. Some even said that anyone who would make a sound when his pet horse sleeps would be punished by death.

Of course, it wasn’t the craziest thing that he has done on the past. One of his “trademark” insane order was to stab the sea to death. You heard it right people! He ordered his soldiers to stab the sea to death, just to show Neptune (the God of Sea) who’s the boss. That’s what we call determination.

Despite the fact that these soldiers knew that nothing come out when you stab H2O repeatedly with spears and swords, they just obeyed the crazy emperor. And as expected, nothing happened.

Sad to say, Emperor Caligula ended his reign when someone within his empire executed an assassination. And that marked the end of his crazy antics.

So, if you’re very and you want release that fury within your system, grab a spear and go to the nearest seashore. Remember what Emperor Caligula did and feel glad that our leaders are better at handling anger issues.