These News Fails Proves That Anything Can Happen When Your News Reporters Go On Air!



When you’re in front of the camera and everything going on is being watched by millions of people worldwide, the least thing that you want to happen is to fail horribly while hosting or while interviewing someone. As a reporter or a journalist who had some reputation, you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

This is the reason why almost all shows are rehearsed beforehand. Everything are planned so that it may look good on the screen. And yes, the preparation for the things that you see on TV is just stressful. This is why most journalists want everything as perfect as it could be.

However, we couldn’t really expect everything to go smoothly. Things would definitely go on your way no matter how hard you want it to be perfect. But admit it, things that doesn’t go according to plan is usually the ones that you like, right?

So get ready to laugh your feet off (and maybe fandom on some news reports) because we’re going to give you some news bloopers that you will seriously love.

So let’s break these up and asses what really happened?

  • Somehow, KTLA5’s Wendy Burch is not expecting this dude from popping from her left side (he should have appeared on her right to make it less scary)
  • CBS’s traffic update should have allotted more budget on the flooring instead of the high-def screens
  • NBC’s production crew should always remember that guests sit with their backs, not like some sort of Cleopatra.
  • The reporter on the boat should not underestimate a yacht’s wrath.
  • KCOY 12’s reporters should know the difference between an empty mug with a mug full of coffee.
  • Antohiny Kiekow should be aware that there are dancing cops on his back.

And yes, I don’t really want to spoil you much, but I guess you might want to watch the whole video without spoilers.

And that’s our news for today!

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