Everyone Wanted To Hug This Bear Mascot… But Will They Still Do It After He Removes His Suit?

(source: Jung von Matt Limmat)


It was 17 years ago when I first encountered a mascot. It was a Felix the Cat mascot, and the very first thing that I did after seeing him is hugging him. I can still remember those fuzzy feeling after my cheeks touched his dusty yet fluffy belly. When I was a child, I never thought about the person inside the mascot. And up until now, I never really gave a damn with who was inside these questions. But everything changed after watching this ad from a certain social group.

Just like me, this bunch of people never really gave a darn to the person inside the costume. Obviously, they’re all about what’s on the outside. They’re smiles reflects the happiness that they feel after seeing this giant cuddly bear mascot, offering free hugs to individuals who just want to give it.

The ad goes on showing how the mascot attracted a lot of attention with his warm hugs. It even came to a point where even a dog snuggled its way between its owner and the mascot. But what these people didn’t know is that there’s a secret behind this gullible bear.

As you can see, this person behind a mask is a disabled one. And as the video implies, we shouldn’t require these people disguises just for us to be closer to them. Everyone needs to be accepted in the society.

About 15% of the world’s population lives with disabilities. That’s about 1 billion people around the world. Although awareness is enough, we should still take greater leaps in accepting our brothers and sisters that belong on this group.

Let’s have this ad be a reminder that they need us, and we need to support them in each and every way possible.  After all, we all  need of love, right?