This Parrot Laughs Like A Really A Super Villain… And It Is Just Addicting!

(source: Mark G.)


It’s not unknown to some that some parrots can imitate the sounds and words that its owners produce whenever they’re around. Just like your typical pirate-mate parrots that copies whatever the pirates say; real pet parrots can imitate your words. It can imitate the way you speak, the way you burp or even the way you scream. But in this specific video, this parrot showed that can do another cool trick. And that is to creep out everyone out with its silly, villain-like laugh.

A certain unnamed bird was once the star of the internet for laughing like a crazy super villain after popping out from the door. At first, you might think that the distinct laugh coming from the video might come from the one whose recording it. But if you watch the whole video and looked at the parrot’s beak along the way, you’ll soon realize that it did come from the parrot itself.

Parrots are known to be smart and pretty witty creatures. They can be taught to dance and jive when they want something. You can also talk to them if you want them to imitate the way you talk to them.

Most probably, this parrot can do these things (it can even open a door, dammit!). But what made it stand out from the rest of other birds is the way it laughed. Yes, it does sound creepy, but it is certainly addicting at the same time. It’s like watching a trailer of Human Centipede for half a minute and then closing it again because you realized that you’re a sick person.

If you have your own, we advise you not to teach him/her to laugh like this. You  really don’t want to wake up 3 in the morning with something like this laughing at the dark corners of your house, right?

Just stick to chirping birds, okay?