This Woman Realized That Her Dollar Bill Was Fading, So She Rubbed Some Alcohol And Discovered This!

(source: Descubre tu Mundo)

I can still see those Math questions in children’s books that encourages students to do basic arithmetic problem solving. You got your If Mark has 50 pineapples and threw away 35, how many are left kind of questions, and some other basic stuff that gives simple purchases a whole new meaning. And usually, those problem solving questions involves money.

Now, imagine if you saw this type of question in your kid’s book. What would be your reaction?

So you were buying some drill set worth $45.95 on a retail store. As you were about to give your $50 bill to the cashier, she pointed out that it was fake. The cashier grabbed some cotton balls and an alcohol and gently rubbed your $50 bill. As it turns out, your $50 was just a dupe. The “50” was just printed above the 10 part of the bill. So in reality, you only got $10. How screwed you are in this situation?

Now if you think that’s just too crazy, you better start doubting your intuition. Because in reality, that’s just real! Watch this video!

Just like what we’ve said on the sample, this person got a $50 bill. But once the owner of the bill realized that he was kinda unsure with the legitimacy of the bill, the owner started wiping some parts. And guess what? The magically transformed! Nice!

The funny thing about this video is that a lot of people thought that what the owner of the video did (rubbing the bill to lower its value) was a dumb idea. I mean, who would want to devalue their money if you already have 5 times it value? But if people found out that you are faking your purchases with the money that you have, then you could go to jail.

So jail, or an unrealistic mathematical problem? You decide, math buddies!