People Were Pissed Off Because Of This Trainer, And The Reason Behind It Will Make You Laugh

F(source: fouseyTUBE)


Do you feel like you’re getting fatter and fatter and maybe a bit soggier each day? Then your best next option might be a gym. And because you really feel like you’re as fat as Snorlax, you want only the best of the best trainers to keep you on your shoes. I mean, why should you waste money on someone who can’t really motivate you, right?

But what if this certain guy offered you a free fitness coaching (who by the way looks legit because of his biceps and all) suddenly farted while training you? Yes, he’s kinda douche because he really gets the most out of you (and even had the guts the touch that muscular guy’s man boobs.) But suddenly, gas sounds! OMG!

Can you still treat your “highly motivating” coach with dignity? Will you be able to shed some body fat from your prized getup? Or will you just shoo him away because nobody got time for a freaking gas-producing coach?

Well, you better watch this video because this might give you an idea!

So yes, instead of heeding the lessons of their buffy coach, they almost kill him. When I said that they almost kill him, which means grabbing his neck, punching his gut, and walking out because nobody got time to listen to a free 1 hour gas-athon!

Some of his students felt that they should just let it go. I mean, he does eat a lot of beans for protein right? Maybe he’s so buffed up, he needs to consume maybe 5 cans of chili per day? You think so?

But no! These guys really had enough. And remember the guy that he boob-touched? He almost choked him to death! LOL!

The lesson of this video? Never, ever, ever, ever trust someone who idolizes Nicki Minaj more than Beyoncé!