Is This Really A Starfish? Watch This Amazing Video Of A Feather Starfish Swimming Gracefully!

(source: Cassidy Weathersby)


Are you a fan of aquatic creatures? Do you easily fall in love with those creepy 8 legged sea crabs, or maybe into those slugs that look like bunny rabbits? Do you enjoy looking at amazing fishes with disoriented faces or maybe those that have legs and hands for fins?

Don’t be surprised with those kinds of stuff because all the things that I’ve just said are really exist in the sea (or ocean, or lake, whatever!) And believe me or not, those weird sea creatures that you already saw are just a miniscule of what should we really expect in the oceanic Animalia kingdom.

One good example of this is a kind of starfish/sea urchin that looked like a fancy maiden under the sea. They usually flutter with their feathered stalks which made them look like they’re dancing. Like seriously, they really look like they’re waltzing under the sea.

So yes, I think you deserve the watch the video first to fully understand what it looked like if you’re dancing waltz under the salty ocean!

Okay, you better close your jaw now because I know you were deeply fascinated by that sea creature!

What you’ve just seen is a feather starfish. In scientific terms, it’s called a crinoid. They usually filter feed so you don’t have to worry about them eating you while you enjoy recording them or something. You see those feather-like stems? Those are arms that they use to gather microorganisms.

Some people think that these creatures can’t really feel emotions since they don’t have a well-developed brain. But then again, if you’re a fancy microorganism-feeding sea dweller who looks more majestic than Oprah, then screw you brain!

So the next time you look into those feathered starfishes, be envious. Because by the end of the day, these crinoids will still look fancy and they won’t even care about it because of their underdeveloped brain.