Watch The Reactions Of First Time Daddies On This Wonderful Advertisement!

(source: dovemencareus)


Being a dad is no easy job to handle. Some think that being a dad means suppressing yourself with a lot of responsibilities. Some think that being a father means breaking the lines of being free, and shackling yourself into the world where kids are the focus of your life. However, being a dad is a gift and a blessing that everyone should be thankful of.

Although we have “dads” that are not ready to be a father, we still have those eager men that really look forward in having kids. Of course, who doesn’t want to see his own kid? Who doesn’t want to see what he may look like if he turned into a baby? Who doesn’t want to have his own family?

Dove collected various videos that previewed different clueless fathers, not having any ideas that they’ll going to be the father of their first-born child.

Some of them just froze on their place as their wives and friends surprised them with the results of their pregnancy tests and gifts that signify their upcoming responsibility as a father. Some guys can’t even find the right emotion to fit the situation; they just stared at their wives in awe.

Usually, parenting ads emphasize the wonders of woman bearing their own children inside their wombs. However, Dove approached it in a very different way by showcasing dads and their real reactions towards being a father.

Yes, being a father requires a lot of time and effort. Yes, being a father may limit your freedom. But in the end, the entitlement of being a father is enough to show the world your awesomeness. After all, we owe our existence not only to our loving mothers, but also to our fathers that are responsible enough to treat us as their own.

To all the fathers out there! Happy Father’s Day!