This May Look Like An Ordinary Fish, But After A Few Moments, Something Funny Happened!

(source: Daily Videos)


It’s wonderful how movies depict fishes as sweet, kind, jolly creatures that will take care of you whenever you go. They’ll lead you to wonderful underwater cities and help you hide from those big scary sharks. Just like Dory from Finding Nemo and some other fish friends from The Little Mermaid, we can truly say that fish are friends and not food!

However, those are the fishes under the sea. Those are the fishes that were exposed by Walt Disney’s magic touch. But if you’re the kind of fish that was born on a pool or some skanky river bed, then that only means you’re easily aggravated by anything.

Do you see that fleshy circle up there? Can you see how round that is? That angers you, right? It’s circle is so agitating that you just want to brawl with it. Errrgh! That circular thing looks like it’s teasing you!

So as a fish with feelings, you ought to do the right thing. And what’s the right thing, you say? Better plunge out and give that son-of-a-crap a good bite!


Damn you, nipple! I’m more superior to you! You’re just a body part! I HAVE a body part!

I guess the fish just grabbed on to it and let it rip!

So we asked again our resident animal whisperer and see what did that fish thought of that nips that caused him to attack it.

These are his answers.

  1. It looked like some round-up worm so he attacked it.
  2. The fish had a bad experience with nipples, so he kinda like took a sweet revenge.
  3. The fish is a Nipple Biter fish which is found in Africa.
  4. The fish was just Steve-O fishified
  5. Well, that fish just had meth

And just like last time, we didn’t believe our “animal whisperer”

Thank you, fishy, for letting us humans understand that circular things aggravate you.

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