This Guy Lost His Fingers On An Accident And Replaced It With “THIS” Thing!

(source: Diagonal View)


Body modification is simply one of the emerging scientific sh*t that we are constantly hearing today. We got that professor who attached an ear to his harm (for simply no good reason). We also got those people who went various surgery to achieve that specific look that they really want. But now, we got something quite different.

Well, this guy that we have right now didn’t actually want this in the first place. He had a major accident with his motorcycle that led him to some broken fingers. And when your fingers are removed, the best thing to do is to replace them with prosthetics

As like what we’ve said earlier, body modifications are becoming a mainstream. This guy right here didn’t actually asked for an ear for his fingers (because that will look shi*tty and scary at the same time.) So what did he actually asked for his finger replacements?

Clue: It’s all digital since we are already living on the digital age!

Yes, you’ve seen it right. What he got there is a freaking flash drive!

Meet Jerry Jalava, a Fin motorcycle rider who did the impossible by adding a freaking 2GB flash drive on his finger.

Well, since his job is really about computers, why not ask for something that’s related to computers, right?

We just hope that he didn’t opt for a motherboard or a very big hard drive for his fingers because that will really look crappy. I mean, how can you eat if you got some hard drive in your finger?

For now, we are still not sure if the 2GB flash drive was already filled with songs, games, or files that are very important to him. For all we know, that 2gb of memory is simply not enough to fill a whole Game of Thrones season.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just stick to a finger/memory card!