Watch This Circus Kid Do Hundreds Of Flips On This Amazing Teaser Video!



It’s time for another “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You’re Untalented When You Were A Kid!” portion!

Today’s topic? Gymnastics!

Gymnastics is a thing where you are required to bend your body and push your flexibility to the limit that you’ll look like a slinky wearing a school uniform. You’ll be asked to do some splits that will hurt your legs. There were also times when you’ll be pushed by your PE teacher because you don’t “take advantage of your body’s ability to bend”. Well, nothing could beat that stress when enter that room and suddenly realize that the only bone that you can bend is your ear’s cartilage!

But of course, time changes. A lot of these kids have “evolved” in such a way that they can actually be better than me in gymnastics. And yes, it’s the time again to make me feel worse and bothered. Like seriously, can’t kids be worse than me on something that’s not about talent?

First off, he’s a boy. Like seriously, the Mother Nature is probably trolling right now because that kid has more flexibility than I am!

Second, he can do flips like crazy. Just look at him do that flip! Did you count the number of flips that he did in the video? 20? 30? 100? Well, I could also do a 100… scoops of ice cream.

Third, a guy could lift him. Seriously, a guy could lift him with 2 legs. But what about me? My guy can’t even lift me because I’m heavy.

Fourth, this kid got talent. He could flip and smile because he can do gymnastics better than me. While me? I can do flips… pancake flips.

So I guess I won’t be saying the last one because I truly admit that this kid is talented. Ugh, I hate super talented kids!

And that’s all for today’s “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You’re Untalented When You Were A Kid!”