Kid Forgot That She Had A Baby In Her Arm During Flower Tossing, And The Next Thing Just Left Us Cringing!


(source: LivTheGinjaNinja)


Weddings can never be complete without the bride tossing the flower bouquet to her hopeful girl guests. Flower tossing is a practice that is still exercised by people because it’s no fun to only have a single girl married in the family. And besides, a little physical activity wouldn’t hurt after eating those 5 kilograms of cake. As long as the bouquet is still alive after wiping it on your face because of those dramatic exchanges of vows, flower tossing should still be observed.

There are no restrictions when it comes to flower tossing. There are no age requirements. As long as you’re capable of catching it (and of course, you should be single), then you are welcome to become one of these hopeful individuals.

So what if a kid (maybe a 12-year-old who still watches Peppa Pig) who was assigned to look for her baby sister, decided to join flower tossing? I mean, maybe some girls want to have an “ensured” future. And so, this girl happily skipped into the crowd as she carries her baby sister.

Few moments later, the bride unknowingly throws her $30 flower bouquet up in the air! All the girls were already raising their hands, hoping that their skinny palms would be the first to get that flowery goodness. Wait, we just said someone was carrying a baby, right? So if she raised her hands too, then…


Well, screw this baby, I want the man of my dreams!

According to the uploader of the video, the baby was perfectly fine (though we doubt that the girl who was supposed to hold the baby was, too.) At least that girl learned a valuable lesson in life. Prioritize your kid before love…

So the next time you’re on a wedding and the bride is almost ready in tossing the flowers, leave your babies to your husband and tell your daughters that flowers do not ensure you love.