Ever Heard of Fluteboxing? This Guy Will Do It Just For You!

(source: João Barreira)


It was in 2001 when my mom told me to take music classes, just to widen my ‘range’ of talent. She made me choose one instrument that I could practice. And as a pre-teenager by that time, I was totally excited.

I never wanted a guitar because that was too mainstream by that time. I could’ve chosen the piano but you can’t really take a piano with you every day. Violin was also one of my choices, but one of my friends suffered from a neck after falling off the stage while playing his violin (which gave me the jeepers). So I had no choice but to take the lightest and the most portable instrument of all. The triangle . The flute!

After countless of days practicing this silly instrument, my music teacher reached the conclusion that I wasn’t really ready to widen my ‘range’ of talent. So it was a total mess up. And now, this awesome guy shows up.

I bet his mom was sooo proud of him because he did widen his “range” of talent by combining the 2 most difficult things that I couldn’t even do. Beat boxing and playing the flute!

*Note: In other languages, this instrument is called a RECORDER. In Portugal, recorders are called FLUTE. So the term fluteboxing is still politically correct.

**Note: This instrument is also called a RECORDER FLUTE. So in technical terms, this is still considered as a FLUTE.

I just can’t think of a way to make this possible. I mean, beatboxing requires you a lot of air, but playing the flute also requires you to huff an adequate amount of air to play it. This only means that this kid is just darn talented.

In the future, the term fluteboxing will be accepted because of this video. And then a lot of people could do this and start recording themselves to show the world that they’re talented.

Wow! Now that makes me feel even worse. Guess I’ll just go with the triangle and dominate the music industry with my triangleboxing!