Adorable Kid Flew For The First Time With Her Dad, And She Just Went Nuts!

(source:  Raphael Langumier )


Remember those days when you have shown and tell (or bring your parents day) at school and you decided to tell something about your mother and father? Usually, you have to dress up like them (like you need to buy a costumer or something) and talk about the nature of their jobs.

When these programs happen at school, you’d always feel like you’re the proudest and the best kid in the classroom. You’d always drag your mom or dad and let them discover what you usually do at school. You’ll let them see your artworks, your class hamster, Ms. Hedgins, the stinky toilet and any other kind of stuff that you want them to know.

But what if everything came way too topsy-turvy? What if instead of you bringing your parents, you will be brought by your parents on their line of work?

So much win, right?

Meet Lea, a 4-year-old daughter that was very excited when she learned that she and her dad (an awesome aerobic pilot) was given a chance to experience it together for the first time!

So after some deliberations, discussions and a bit review, Leah happily strapped her seat belt at the back as his father drives the plane.

Some people think that it might be traumatizing for the kid since all she will be seeing are clouds, and lots of clouds. But guess what, she enjoyed flying with his father!

For the first few seconds of the vid, it seemed like Lea was kinda disappointed and bored.

But of course, your dad doesn’t want you to feel that thing. So to rev things up, he started doing turns, loops and other dangerous stunts that could make anyone throw up.

And did the girl falter? Nope! She just laughed her cheeks off as she was totally amazed as she watched his father dominate the skies.

We bet Lea enjoyed the last minutes of her ride before she could even step on land.

Congratulations Lea for having one of the most epic dad of all time!